Michael Jackson – His Legend Lies in the Anagrams of His Title

Michael Jackson – His Legend Lies in the Anagrams of His Title

I grew up seeing Michael Jackson robotically pop by my teens and then moon stroll his way as a result of most of my adult daily life to what now seems to be an premature and mysterious complete…

…But this crafting is not going to be about my own psychological memoir of Michael Jackson…

…This writing will reflect the mysterious and haunting anagrams I discovered dwelling amongst his title.

Anagrams that undoubtedly keep the performed out existence of his lifestyle and the legend he left at the rear of.

Now even though MJ has taken significantly berated grousing for his one of a kind modifications of visual appearance—no a person any place has at any time had the nerve to altercate negatively on his dance moves.

Due to the fact there is no argument–just like the anagram of his title MICHAEL JACKSON tells us he was undisputedly SLICK ON Just about every JAM.

Just in situation you you should not know what an anagram is this is The American Heritage Dictionary’s clarification-

an·a·gram (²n”…-gr²m”) n. 1. A phrase or phrase fashioned by reordering the letters of yet another word or phrase, these kinds of as satin to stain. Now allows continue on.

From his robotic moves that started with his functionality to the strike solitary “Dancing Device” to his slippery glides showing off his white socks and loafers when Moon going for walks to Monthly bill Jean, the anagram LA J, SOCK Device fairly surely describes his imaginative dancing skill and the select attire he donned as distinguished and unforgettable.

And if you happen to be prepared to read the other uncanny anagrams I uncovered of his name MICHAEL JACKSON, I am eager to share’em.

Now tell me that the two adhering to anagrams of his title JEL HACK MOCCASIN and O! JAM Stylish ANKLES never guidance the conjuring impression of MJ in cropped trousers exposing white socks highlighting the ankles that aided him glide throughout the phase although putting on loafers (which are very just about the similar style as a moccasin) that you constantly discover in MJ’s stage & video performances?

When I anagram peoples names I also like to just take a peek at the placement of their stars at their delivery. Oh and by-the-way, the phrase PEOPLES NAMES anagrams into Types Rest MAP which when mentally untangled tells me that there are truths lying concealed inside all of our names. This realizing has me considering that no matter what us humans can appear up with to make communication less difficult the real truth of the matter to our personal getting is for good underlying in anagrams.

For occasion, the name GENE SIMMONS is universally equal to SOME Gentlemen SING and OTIS REDDING is universally equivalent to I DIED Potent. But to realize this Otis Redding anagram you ought to know that Otis Redding died in a plane crash correct just after his tune Dock of the Bay hit the prime of the new music charts.

Now receiving back to the start stars of Michael Jackson,

What I found very peculiar is this…

…when Michael Jackson was born the planet Neptune, which (among other matters) is the world of ghouls, ghosts & horror was measuring 212 whole levels of celestial longitude which is the exact same numeric as the day 12/2 when his famed Thriller video clip premiered on MTV in 1983.

Now I want to share a number of a lot more eerily tangible Michael Jackson anagrams observances that feel to shout out the catapulted achievements he acclaimed following 47,000 folks viewed his solo efficiency of Billy Jean when Motown’s 25th Anniversary celebration was televised in 1983.

And if I creatively sequence the anagrams they kind of lilt to the sound of a poem– just like the anagrams POSES ME Aircraft and N POEM PLEASES from word phrase PEOPLES NAMES inform us we could do.

The legend of Michael Jackson’s’ musical good results was penned in his title and the anagrams underneath prove it—


AH! LOCKS Awesome JAM – JAM LOCKS A Area of interest – JEAN MACHO SLICK

This N JAM A SLICK ECHO anagram certainly imparts to me all the individuals who preferred to do their have rendition of moon going for walks to the hit song Billy Jean, and

this JACK HELMS A ICON anagram is just a person other way to connect his position as the King of Pop.

So if the real truth to his good results and the legend he leaves at the rear of life anagramically concealed in his name–so than have to be the truth to individuals absurd hurting-the-little-folk fees he endured.

And even though I intuitively hardly ever believed in individuals charges it was pretty the emotional disburden to discover these relieving anagrams of all those expenses in his title. Extra about those relieving anagrams can be browse in a entire write-up on the subject matter of Michael Jackson anagrams at Haunted Anagrams.

Rest now Michael and thanks for the Songs.