The Magnificent Asbyrgi Canyon Iceland

The Magnificent Asbyrgi Canyon Iceland

Asbyrgi Canyon is 1 of the genuinely spectacular geological wonders you can come across in northeast Iceland. This tranquil horseshoe-canyon, which stretches 3.5 kilometers and measures 1.1 km across will not only enchant with its ethereal physical attributes but it will also captivate your creativeness owing to the myths and legends that surround its existence.

The canyon is break up in fifty percent by a gigantic cliff, where by adventurous site visitors can climb to get astounding views of the landscape. This distinctive rock formation is recognized as Eyjan, which indicates island. Below the cliff, the canyon is adorned with woodland, composed of trees like willow, birch and mountain ash.

In accordance to a legend, which locals nevertheless strongly think, Ásbyrgi came to be when Sleipnir, Odin’s horse touched a person of its eight hooves on the floor. Other myths details to the canyon as the ‘capital’ or major dwelling of the huldufolk or concealed persons. These magical creatures who search like men and women are considered to keep inside of the cliffs. Irrespective of whether you consider the myths or not, there is no doubt that Ásbyrgi Canyon is actually a breathtaking web site really worth exploring. And the most effective way to do it, is to go for a hiking experience that can take you through the distinct interesting sections of the landscape.

1 of the mountaineering paths in the canyon prospects you to a physique of water referred to as Botnstjörn pond. This rather uncomplicated trail starts off from the innermost motor vehicle park in Ásbyrgi, and usually takes you to a group of stone techniques that descend to a platform future to the pond. From the system, you can abide by a different established of stone ways that brings you to a small hill.

From the hill, you will get lovely panoramas of Ásbyrgi. If you welcome an even for a longer time but nevertheless effortless mountaineering path, then set out for the Eyjan Hill trail, which covers a full length of 4.5 kilometers (back again and forth). This certain trail starts at the parking great deal of the campsite. Right after conquering the Eyjan Hill, you may perhaps take into consideration venturing via the woods of Ásbyrgi. This path starts at the Visitor Center, and is significantly for a longer time, making you stroll close to 4 kilometers one particular way. Apart from conquering this path on foot, you also have the option to cycle the route.

it is feasible to stay right away at Asbyrgi’s campsite. The canyon is also equipped with golf class for individuals who would like to play a couple of rounds amidst an amazing geological backdrop! Asbyrgi Canyon’s Visitor Center also presents an exhibition that showcases the mother nature and background of the canyon. But really don’t be expecting to see a extremely-modern day place of work. The heart is in fact a renovated outdated barn!

During summer time, park rangers give a range of guided tours and pursuits for people. If climbing the trails close to the canyon is not your cup of tea, another a lot quicker alternative of discovering the location it is to acquire a local driving tour. Asbyrgi is found in just the grounds of Jökulsárgljúfur National Park in the northern part of the state. The metropolis of Husavik is the principal gateway to the canyon. It is straightforward to rent a car in this article and generate 45 minutes to the canyon.